Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge Grant in 2023


The Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge grant is an innovation that pitches and grants competitors with the aim to inspire young Africans to transform their passions, skills, and ideas into scalable businesses or social enterprises.

The Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge grant chose this pitching competition concept because it tests young people’s ingenuity and bravery to survive as entrepreneurs.


All applicants must go through a required boot camp and pitching competition, and the program provides financial and technical help to those with the most outstanding business ideas.

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Early-stage entrepreneurs and those whose companies are still in the ideation phase are exciting to us.

The body serves as angel investors for people whose ideas would have perished with them if they had not taken part in impact investment programmes like the Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge.


The Ugwumba enterprise challenge grants select five (5) best business proposals which are well structured and outlined out of the numerous applications submitted. The grant board will offer the cash Prize of 1 Million to a grand winner, N700,000 to the first runner-up, N500,000 to the second runner-up, N300k to the third runner-up, and N200k to the fourth runner-up.


Eligibility Status

Suppose you are a Nigerian (resident in Nigeria), irrespective of gender, between the ages of 18 and 40, and you have a company or social entrepreneurship idea. In that case, you are qualified to apply for this Challenge.

How to Apply for Ugwumba Enterprise Challenge Grant

Click here to start your application


The slated deadline for this grant is 9th September, 2023.

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