Africa Young Innovators Grant for Health Award in 2023


The Africa Young Innovators Grant for Health Award was introduced  in 2021, concentrating on strategies that helped healthcare professionals safeguard and treat the public while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Africa Young Innovators Grant for Health Award


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The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, with the help of Speak-up Africa, organized the African Young Innovations grant for healthcare. The program helps young health entrepreneurs in Africa by providing the required resources to promote innovative healthcare, which will benefit the community.


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The Africa Young Innovators is looking for health innovations that will advance the goal of universal health coverage (UHC) in the second edition of the Award. UHC indicates the right to qualitatively financed healthcare services.


To avoid gender bias, the grant board ensures that both genders are represented, thereby selecting two each of the genders.


Africa Young Innovators grants offer the following:

Position Gender Cash Prize
Grand winner Male




Runner -up Male




Eligibility Status

AYI invites applications from young innovators between the ages of 21 and 35 who have created a minimally possible healthcare product or service or are working to do so. These innovators must:

– Expanding the population coverage refers to the number of individuals who receive services or products (for instance, young people, women, children, rural communities, etc.)

– widening the scope of offered services (i.e., the types of health services)

– promoting the efficiency with which healthcare is provided.

– in any other way helps to achieve universal healthcare coverage.


  1. A three-month business mentoring programme with well-known entrepreneurs such as Adams & Adams guides on all legal matters, including Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  2. improving PR, media training, and the opportunity to showcase your idea to a worldwide audience;
  3. and chance to network with partners and supporters in the media, technology, and healthcare

How to Apply for Africa Young Innovators Grant for Health Award

Click here to apply.


The application is ongoing and has yet to have a deadline.


Apply immediately for Africa Young Innovators’ grant if you have an innovative idea to improve healthcare services and meet those requirements. This is a chance that will change the game!


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