Eureka Eurostar Grant in 2023


In 1985, the international network Eureka was established . The body later establsh Eureka Eurostar Grant with the aim of promoting innovative R&D initiatives that are focused on the market, conducted by businesses, academic institutions, and research labs across all technological fields. Among its 45 members is the European Union, which is represented by the European Commission.

Eureka Eurostar Grant


As a result of its adaptable and decentralized network, Eureka provides project partners with fast access to knowledge and experience throughout Europe national governmental and private funding programmes.

Any pertinent information you provide or create throughout the application process that relates to your application may be transferred between agencies for each organization’s personal storage, processing, and usage.


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This implies that any information you provide to Innovate UK or that they create regarding your application may be shared with Eureka, and vice versa. This would comprise, but not be limited to information provided on the application, including all applicants’ personal information; information received during management and administration of the grant, such as Monitoring Officer reports and Independent Accountant reports; and information provided in feedback on the application.

For the storage and processing of your information, including any personal data and confidential information, Innovate UK and Eureka are directly responsible to you.



If you are a micro, small, or medium-sized firm, you may be eligible for funding for your qualifying project costs up to €360,000 or 60% of your eligible project costs, whichever is lower.


You must meet the following seven requirements in order to apply:

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i. The innovative SME leading your consortium must be from a nation participating in Eurostars.

ii. At least two Eurostars nations must be represented in your consortia.

iii. The project organizations involved must be independent of one another, with at least one organization coming from an EU member state or a nation that is a member of Horizon.

iv. No one participant or nation is in charge of more than 70% of the project budget.

v. The budget of the SMEs from a Eurostars country, excluding subcontracting, is 50% or more of the overall project cost.

vi. The project’s length is 36 months or fewer, and it has only civilian objectives.

vii. SMEs with UK registration are eligible to apply for grants totaling up to 360,000 euros for each qualifying UK project.

For each eligible UK project partner, UK registered SMEs may apply for a total grant of up to 360,000 euros, or 60% of all eligible project expenditures, whichever is less.

To qualify for grant financing from Innovate UK, your partnership must be Micro, small, or medium-sized enterprises (SME) from the UK must be included, as well as at least one eligible partner from a Eureka Eurostars member nation. Other UK registered organizations may also be included in the competition.


The application opens 14th July, 2023 and will be closing 14th September, 2023.

How to Apply for Eureka Eurostar Grant

Click here to apply.


The Eureka eurostars finances proposals from all industries that match the eligibility requirements for this competition, which has an open topic.

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Your proposal must develop one or more of the following and have a significant commercial potential.

i. distinctive goods

ii. applications based on technology

iii. services based on technology



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