Fully Funded 2024 Boston University Trustee Scholarship in the United state


Exceptional overseas students who are interested and meet the requirements can apply for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship in the United States.

Should you aspire to complete your undergraduate studies in the United States, you may apply for the esteemed Trustee Scholarship.


The fully financed scholarship programme is intended to assist international students who want to enroll in Boston University’s prestigious undergraduate programme in 2024.

Boston University Trustee Scholarship


Every academic session, the most exceptional international students are given Trustee Scholarships. The programme benefits at least twenty international students each year.

In addition to giving scholarships to the top international candidates, Boston University also ensures that the award recipients succeed academically.

According to Boston, a large number of international students who were awarded the Trustee Scholarship excelled academically and finished with a flawless 4.0 grade point average.


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About Boston University

Boston University is an American private research university. It’s situated in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The university was established in 1839.

Boston is one of the oldest universities in the US. There are over 36,000 students enrolled there. More than 6,500 international students from more than 100 countries attend the university to further their education.

Postgraduate and undergraduate programmes are available at Boston University. Its atmosphere is favorable for learning, and a few of its instructors have achieved recognition in the literary community.

Summary of the Boston University Trustee Scholarship

• Scholarship host country: United States

• Boston University is the host university for scholarships.

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• Undergraduate scholarship study level

• Type of funding for scholarships: Full funding

• Number of scholarships: Several

• Students who qualify: Foreign students

• Dec. 1, 2023, is the deadline for scholarships.

Conditions of Eligibility for the Boston University Trustee Scholarship

• Students from overseas must apply.

• Candidates have to select Boston University.

• Candidates have to be enrolled in undergraduate programmes full-time.

• Candidates need to have outstanding academic records.

• Candidates cannot have a criminal history.

Benefits of the Boston University Trustee Scholarship

• The majority of the accepted applicants’ academic costs are covered by this fully supported scholarship programme.

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Boston University Trustee Scholarship Application Guidelines

1. Before the deadline, prospective students must submit their Common Application and all necessary supporting documentation for admission to their undergraduate degree programmes.

2. As part of their Common Application, interested applicants must submit the Trustee Scholarship essay in order to be considered for the esteemed Boston University.

3. Those who are interested can learn more about the essay subjects and application requirements by clicking the link below.

Application Link:



Overseas students who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for the Trustee Scholarship. Most academic expenses are covered, and it is fully funded.



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