2024 Bangor University Commonwealth Masters Scholarships in the UK — Fully funded


You want to go to the UK for your master’s program, but the high cost of tuition is out of your reach. Put your fears aside and think about applying to Bangor University Commonwealth Masters Scholarships.

Bangor University Commonwealth Masters Scholarships


The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) launched the Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships project to fund the master’s degree programs deserving and driven international students want to pursue in the UK.

This fully funded scholarship program pays for the educational expenses that international students deem prohibitively high. But only the international students with the best academic records are given this honor.


Although competitive, the Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships are worthwhile. This blog article will give interested students the knowledge they need to submit robust applications and rank among the recipients of the esteemed awards.

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About Bangor University

Wales’ Bangor University was established in 1884. This is an open-access research facility. The esteemed university provides graduate and undergraduate courses.


There are about 9,000 students at Bangor University, most from Wales. The university is renowned worldwide for its intellectual brilliance and conducive studying atmosphere.

Summary of Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships at Bangor University

• The host nation for the scholarship is Wales.

• The host institution for the scholarship is Bangor University.

• Masters students are eligible for the scholarship.

• Applications are open to international students with outstanding academic records.

• The scholarship numbers are several.

• The deadline for applications is December 31, 2023.

Qualifications for Bangor University Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

• If you are a citizen of a Commonwealth nation, you may apply.

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• If a Commonwealth nation has granted you refugee status, you may apply.

• If you are a British Protected Person (BPP), you are eligible to apply.

• If you are a citizen of a Commonwealth nation, you may apply.

• If you are willing to begin your Masters studies in the United Kingdom by the start of the 2024 academic year, you may apply.

• If you meet the academic eligibility conditions, you may apply.

• If you are unable to pay for your studies in the UK without this scholarship program, you may still apply.

• If you are able to submit all necessary documentation in an acceptable format, you may apply.

• If you have not received funding from another scholarship program, you may apply.

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Benefits of the Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship at Bangor University

• All accepted applicants will receive financial aid to attend the esteemed Bangor University. The program has complete funding.

Application Procedures for Bangor University Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

A virtual application is required for this scholarship program. Applications must be submitted online by all interested parties. Go to the link below to learn more about the application requirements.

Application Link



Among the most significant scholarships available to help bright, motivated overseas students further their studies are Master’s Commonwealth Scholarships. They pay for a large portion of educational costs and are fully funded.



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