Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge Grant in 2023 for Tech Startups


Hello tomorrow global challenge grant application is ongoing for tech-savvy individuals pursuing techpreneur dream. The program was organized by Hello tomorrow global in 2014 which marks the first edition of the competition.

Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge Grant


Photo Credit: hello Tomorrow Global Challenge Pacific Asia

The hello tomorrow global challenge has been supporting deep tech entrepreneurs for nearly a decade. The program was designed specifically to help early stage starters from anywhere in the world with people working on technology rooted in science and advanced engineering by bringing their disruptive innovations to market.



The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge selects the best three (3) among the competitors, the grand winner receives €100,000 cash prize, the first runner up receives €30,000 cash prize while the second runner receives €20,000 cash prize.

Eligibility Status

As an eligible applicant for hello tomorrow global challenge, you must have the following:

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i. either the initial stages of development (up to series A) or the beginning of their commercialization phase.

ii. based on a novel engineering technique, scientific discovery, or technological advancement.

iii. The process of addressing an unmet demand in business, society, the environment, or creating a new market.

iv. consists of a team of at least two people.

v. not a subsidiary or spinoff of an existing company.

Category of Tech that can Apply for Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge Grant

  1. Aerospace
  2. Advanced Computing & Electronics
  3. Digital Health & Medical Devices
  4. Energy
  5. Environment & Biodiversity
  6. Food & Agriculture
  7. Industrial Biotech & New Materials
  8. Industry & Machines
  9. Medical Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
  10. Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure
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The Hello Tomorrow global challenge offers startups the chance to win €150,000 equity free cash prize, meet one-to-one with deep tech focused investors, the chance to pitch on stage in front of 400 people from across the globe, get spotted by international media, exhibit their solution and connect with 3,000 key players.

Selection Criteria

Application evaluation criteria include the following:

Technology innovation: The company must offer a good or service that results from cutting-edge engineering, ground-breaking scientific research, or both.

Impact: The company must be able to make a big, enduring difference in society or business.

Economic viability: The company must have a long-term business strategy, development goals, and objectives.

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Team: The company requires inspirational leaders who can guide it towards success.

The jury members at the Summit analyze and score proposals based on the quality of the pitch and any additional information they were provided about the firms after the preliminary selection processes (1-page overview & pitch deck).

How to Apply

Apply for hello tomorrow global challenge grant here


The application ends on 22nd September, 2023.


Hello Tomorrow is looking for promising deep tech startups across all industries. If you think you have what it takes, then apply for the 9th edition of hello tomorrow global challenge which is a world renowned deep tech startup competition.


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