University of Porto Scholarships for International Students 2024


The University of Porto scholarships for international students in Portugal wants every outstanding international student to have access to quality education for free; therefore, it launched SASUP Scholarships, Scientific Scholarships, Merit Scholarships and other forms of support. The question now is, how will you win the scholarships as an exceptional overseas student who wants to study at UP?

University of Porto Scholarships for International Students


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In this blog piece, we will guide you on the application process and how you can be one of the successful applicants. We will also guide you through the eligibility requirements, required documents and benefits of the programs. In addition, we will also let you know the calibre of students eligible to apply for each program.


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On March 22, 1911, the University of Porto was established. It’s a public research university with over 29,000 students. Porto is the second most sought-after Portuguese university. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs and is globally recognised for outstanding academic feats. The University of Porto is nationally and internationally rated.

Overview of University of Porto Scholarships for International Students

i. The scholarship host country is Portugal.


ii. The scholarship host university is the University of Porto.

iii. Scholarship program decree level: Undergraduate and postgraduate

iv. A lot of students will be awarded the scholarships.

v. Domestic and overseas students can apply for the programs.

vi. The scholarship application deadline is not stated.

Scholarships List

1. SASUP Scholarships: For Bachelor’s, Master’s and Integrated Master’s students.

2. Merits Scholarships: For Bachelor’s, Master’s and Integrated Master’s students.

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3. Scientific Scholarships: For Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral students.

Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria

• Candidates must be overseas students.

• Candidates must apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the University of Porto.

• Candidates must apply for full-time degree programs.

• Candidates must demonstrate outstanding academic performance.

• Candidates must meet all the scholarship eligibility requirements.

Application Guidelines

You are to submit your completed application form and required documents via the link below. And ensure the information you supply is correct and the documents are complete.

Link: https://www.up.pt/portal/en/live/student-life/scholarships-and-funding/#outros


All the scholarships have their degree requirements. Applicants are not meant to apply for a scholarship whose degree they do not hold. Ensure that you apply for the scholarship if you possess all the criteria. We wish you the best of luck.



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